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August 2, 2006:

Dynafit Team Summits and Skis Gasherbrum II

Dynafit-sponsored athletes Sebastian Haag and Benedikt Böhm, two of the skiers who last year set a climbing/descending record on Mustagh Ata, are at it again.

On July 29th at 8:00 AM, the pair summited 8,035 meter Gasherbrum II in perfect weather, and skied back to Camp I, a vertical drop of 2,500 meters, without resorting to ropes or downclimbing. Pretty impressive stuff, and no sign of a doping scandal here in Pakistan (though I doubt that anyone tested them).

Lou Dawson writes about their exploits, with some great photos thrown in, at - for earlier blogs from the expedition members themselves, check out the Dynafit website. Oh yeah, they have special gear for this trip, too - some green and fairly wide-looking Gasherbrum skis show up in the photos, which I'm sure will be available to the public next season!

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