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Seattle fireman Kevin Curd Kevin Curd lives near the goods at Hyak, Washington  Kam Leang Kam Leang builds his own skis and teaches mechanical engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno  Michael Trommsdorff Michael Trommsdorff comes from France to ski "la poudreuse" in the great Northwest  Corinne Jeuch Corinne Jeuch taught me the wisdom of couscous in the mountains  Greg Louie Greg Louie lives in Lake Forest Park and works in a ski shop  Mike O'Brien Mike O'Brien builds custom bicycle frames and lives in the Mapleleaf neighborhood of Seattle  Francine Curd Francine Curd lives at Hyak and works for Booth Creek Resorts  Frank Neumann Frank Neumann is a retired engineer originally from Germany  Jessica Levine Jessica Levine logs on at TAY as "sheispiste" but I've never seen her angry . . .  Chris Cass Chris Cass lives in Bellevue and works for an environmental consulting firm  Allyson Spacek Allyson Spacek teaches special ed kids in Reno, NV  Skip Swenson Skip Swenson can eat more than you would think . . . Cyclist/skier Monika Johnson Monika Johnson is a trailbreaking machine Paul Russell Paul Russell is a hardcore climber turned skier  Kelvin Wu Kelvin Wu is one of the principals in  Lowell Skoog Lowell Skoog was one of the first people I knew to try backcountry skiing  Tim Petrick Tim Petrick is the man at ski company "K" in Seattle, WA Holly Walker Davis Holly Walker Davis is a rippin' skier and counts well, too Seth Davis Seth Davis is a big mountain skier with the motor of an ex-Cat 1 bike racer Crispin Prahl Crispin Prahl does it all with his heels flopping John Mauro John Mauro sometimes rides his bike to the skiing

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