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August 17, 2008:

Slush Cup 2008

You know the dog days of summer are here when the temperature climbs into the 90's in the Northwest. Seattleites, who don't know any better, complain bitterly about the oppressive heat. Ice machines break down in restaurants, but no service people are available for days because everyone else's ice machine is also down. Sweat rolls down your face every time you stop your bike at an intersection. And the cry goes out on for the annual Slush Cup event at the Pinnacle Glacier pond.

Backcountry skiers and the obligatory safety device in the Tatoosh, August 17, 2008

TAY stalwarts Ron Jarvis, Chris Cass (eating), Jerry White, Phil Fortier (green shirt), Ben Kaufmann (afro), and Darryl Olsen chill

This year's event took place under mostly cloudy skies and ocassional showers, with a warm wet wind blowing through the Tatoosh. Despite the lack of full sun and scorching heat, many of the revelers donned festive and/or revealing water skimming garb and made the most of the day.

Heavy snow from the epic '07-'08 winter left some large icebergs in the pond, which required a bit of wrangling to clear ample water space, but the result was a clear shot of some 80 to 100 ft. depending on your entry angle. Speed was definitely your friend at this event, as several people with not enough of it soon found out - a number of early runs involved some brain-numbing cold water immersion, and the life ring was thrown into action repeatedly. One lucky participant was even forced to make two dives of around 7 feet into the pond after losing both skis in the deep end.

After a few beers and lunch, the afternoon session ramped up with the addition of a kicker. Excellent air and some nice style points ensued before the group packed it in and retired to the Reflection Lake parking strip for the post-event BBQ. Good times with good people, and month # 48 in the books.

Ben Knievel styles a mule kick deep in MRNP

Chris Cass, Gelände style into the pool

Post-skimming BBQ featuring Jeanette's homewrecker sausages and chocolate chip cookies

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