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December 27, 2008:

Happy New Year!

It's been a strange two weeks in Seattle, with sub-freezing temps and snow on the ground for the past 14 days. My wife, Lindsay, and I skied around our neighborhood a bit on pretty decent snow, while the mountains continued to be hit by sporadic storms. It's been a late-developing season, but it's starting to look like winter. Various reports around the state indicate some faceted layers near ground level and mid-snowpack, not surprising considering the multiple days of near zero weather at most of the mountain passes last week, so exercise due caution when quantities of heavier fresh start piling on top later this week. Seth, Holly, Eric and company skipped opening day at Alpental and found good stability and epic snow conditions at Kendall . . .

Seth sent me this picture of him skiing Kendall as a consolation after I waited 2 1/2 hours in traffic to ski Alpental today in the rain

December 18, 2008:


It's here! I'm talking about winter.

After several fits and starts, and a few days of worrisome sub-zero weather earlier in the week, the snow has hit with a vengeance. There's no base to speak of, but about 30 inches of new blankets most of the Washington passes, with more in the forecast for the weekend. 'Bout time!

Francine clears the new deck of yesterday's afternoon snow . . . perfect rehab for that newly healed leg!

Frank and Kevin skinned up Summit West today and found this . . .

And finally, season's greetings from Michael in Switzerland . . . this epic day courtesy of the Stotzigen Firsten, near Zürich

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