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Randonnée skiing is by its very nature a gear intensive endeavor; without the proper tools the ski mountaineer would simply not be able to advance far beyond the parking lot. click to go to skis Skis allow the randonnée skier to float over the surface of soft snow, click here to go to "skins" skins enable one to ascend a slope without sliding backward, and randonnée click to go to bindings bindings hinge at the toe to allow a natural stride while traveling. click to go to poles Poles are typically sectional and adjust in length to fit different needs, and click to go to boots boots are lighter and softer than their alpine counterparts, with lugged soles and a flexing "tour" mode. In addition, various click to go to climbing tools climbing tools such as ropes, crampons, ice axes, and snow protection devices may come into play in specialized situations. click to go to avalanche tools Avalanche tools, including a shovel, probe, and transceiver, should be carried by each member of a backcountry ski party. click to go to backpacks Backpacks capable of carrying all of this gear comfortably are essential, and click to go to clothing clothing for ski touring must not only protect against the elements but breathe well during extreme aerobic activity.

Note: I've illustrated most of these sections with pieces of gear that I or friends of mine have had positive experience with; this should by no means be construed to mean that these items are the best options available in a particular category or that other models produced by other manufacturers might not be better suited to your needs or budget.

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